Notifying a user space application

Christian Tröster please.see.sig at
Thu Jul 1 08:29:05 EST 2004


I'd like to notify a user space application if an interrupt occurs. I had no
problems to install a custom signal handler but I am not sure what's the best
way to notify the application.

My first idea was to send a signal to the application. But as far as I know
one has to know the pid to send the signal. So I'd need some mechanism to get
this pid - perhaps via a /proc entry. Is this a clean solution?

Another idea was to create a (blocking) character device and have the
application listening on that using select() or something like that. But this
seems to be a little bit bloated just for one signal. :)

Are there any other better ways I am not yet aware of. What do you think?

Bye, Christian

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