telnet problems - characters not being sent properly

Shamile Khan shamile at
Thu Jul 1 04:52:53 EST 2004

I have an ethernet connection between host and target for
Timesys Linux for AMIRIX AP1 BSP (PPC405 on Virtex II Pro
platform). I can telnet to target and login, but I am
having issues with some chacters not being sent properly to
the target. Specifically, when I type a command, no matter
what I type, I see ((( characters on the screen. Then after
typing some more characters, I am able to send characters
properly. After typing 1 or 2 commands correctly, the
problem repeats itself which is really making telnet hard
to work with. I was wondering if someone has come across
this issue. Please note that NFS mount through ethernet is
working fine. So is tftp.


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