socket programming without RTnet.

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Fri Jan 9 16:30:04 EST 2004

Thanks your comments.

What I want is to make some network applications just as I did with vxWorks. A 'network application' means using socket/bind/sendto/recvfrom etc APIs to send and receive data to/from outside of me or between internal tasks.

I can't figure out what kernel space' and 'userland' mean. Well I am strange with embedded linux on ppc860 because I stayed with other RTOSs such as vxWorks and Nuclues. Would you explain more in detail?

Currently I patched my kernel 2.4.20 with RTAI and loaded RTAI modules after booting. Also I loaded my 'network application' using insmod.

I still wonder why there is not any standard socket APIs in the linux ppc-embedded kernel and why I can't use sys_socket/sys_bind/sys_recvfrom/sys_sendto in net/socket.c in loadable application.


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> > If I can't use those APIs, is there any good way to make a
> > socket programming without the help of RTnet?
> hmmm, I'm not so sure what your intention is, but why are you trying to
> play around in kernel space instead of userland if the plain network
> program is what you want?
> Q-ha Park

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