about MPC852T board

zjzhou at newrocktech.com zjzhou at newrocktech.com
Sat Feb 28 21:22:41 EST 2004

Dear All,

I know the board based on mpc852T supported by ELDK3.0 are AdderII and

Could you tell me which boards based on MPC852T are supported by ELDK3.0
except AdderII and MPC86xADS?

Thanks in advance!

> Hegde, Ashok wrote:
>> I want to test my serial driver at higher speeds, How to test serial
>> data transfer up to 1.5Mbps speed. Is it zmodem protocol supports
>> this speed? I am able to test it (using zmodem protocol )up to 115K,
>> beyond this I am facing problem.
> You mentioned 115k2, probably an async port. Do you want to run async
> at 1,5mbit/s? What kind of device will that be? I think the zmodem
> protocol does not mind to be used at higher rates :o) Your problem is
> probably somewhere else. (drivers?)

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