Porting Linux into IBM Spruce

Deepu Paulose Thachil dpthachil at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 28 01:37:25 EST 2004


I am trying to port linux into the IBM spruce board
(PPC750, CPC700..). The board currently works with
VxWorks.. I am using the linux-2.4.20 kernel..

I am not having a linux boot-loader right now. I have
to place the image into the SDRAM using a hardware
debugger tool. The tool that I amusing is Trace32.

There seems to be a problem loading the image into
SDRAm.. I tried to make the variables KERNELBASE and
KERNELLOAD to be 0x00000000.. Is that a correct
approach?? What are the problems that I should take
care of when I make such a change??

I have come to know that there seems to be an "offset"
parameter in the Hardware debugger tool.. Is it of any


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