linux ppc expanded tty driver by st16c552

labblelabble labblelabble at
Mon Feb 23 22:34:32 EST 2004

hello everyone:
    now ,our embededsystem use st16c552 to expand two tty devices. I have
read the kernel example driver serial.c .and it can be used for st16c550.I
want to change it for my st16c552. But the file serial.c is so difficult
,and I don.t have too many time to study it in details ,so will somebody
give me some advices about how i can do to change it ?
    I have so many problems when I read the example serial.c .one problem is
how can the program decide the porttype from the  port table,,,and so on .
    expect for your help !!!!!!!!!
    thanks a lot!!!!!!

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