PPCBOOT in customised MPC860T board

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Feb 20 06:48:29 EST 2004

In message <000001c3f71c$1372ee30$7ec7c7c7 at dkhoo> you wrote:
> Perhaps you should try the u-boot forum and use pick a tqm board as your
> guide for the u-boot port.  But briefly for u-boot port:

The TQM may be a good choice for a model, or may be not. It  dopeneds
onthe hardware. It is not possible to give a general recommendation.

> 1. Change Makefile to use your cross compiler and add your board config

No  such  change  is  necessary  nor  encouraged.  Just  export   the
CROSS_COMPILE envrionment variable as needed.

> 4. Create the include/asm/yourboard.h   Not much to do here basically
> #define IMAP_ADDR/SIZE to get the board going. (look at tqm board for
> guidance)

Don't forget to make sure to use the correct definition of bd_info.

> the options.  To save time, right after I do a "make menuconfig" and the
> .config
> file is generated in the top directory, I copy the .config file and replace
> arch/ppc/defconfig with it.

A  much  better  and  less  intrusive  way  is  to  copy  .config  to
arch/ppc/configs/<boardname>_defconfig  so  you  can use the standard
"make <boardname>_config ; make oldconfig ; make dep ;  make  uImage"
command sequence.

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