PCMCIA modem card is not responding

Prabhakar Kalasani kalasani at sena.com
Tue Feb 10 15:47:21 EST 2004


We have got the kernel from MontaVista (linux-2.4.2_hhl20) , I think it
might be a modified kernel source.
I could run some other card called "Billiontin 56 KBPS FAX/MODEM card" for
same kernel and same Target board.
I'm getting problem with this specific card(3CXM556 Megahertz Cellular Modem
PC Card) only.
My card is detected by the kernel and kernel could assign irq 9. The problem
is when I send modem string through Minicom it's not responging.

what could be the problem ?

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In message <NCEHKHHDAHEBBGFMCFHCEEHPCAAA.kalasani at sena.com> you wrote:
> I'm working with MPC855T Processor based target board, I'm trying to
> 3CXM556 Megahertz Cellular Modem PC Card , I could able to detetect the
> like...
> But I couldn't communicate with the card, If i send Modem string from
> Minicom I'm not getting any responce from the target , Do i need to change
> anything related to MPC855T .

This will not work with unmodified kernel sources; for the modem  you
need  the standard serial driver which cannot coexist with the MPC8xx
serial driver (they use the same major numbers).

We implemented this some time ago; see the linux-2.4  module  on  our
CVS server and search "drivers/char/serial.c" for "MPC8xx_UART".

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