gcc for ppc/predefined macros

Stefan Nickl Stefan.Nickl at kontron.com
Mon Feb 2 20:49:01 EST 2004

I just had to find out very painfully that
my cross-gcc-3.3.2 doesn't have __powerpc__
as a predefined macro anymore:

(SuSE-built-) gcc 2.95.3:
.../powerpc-linux-cpp -dM ~/foo.h |grep -i pc

#define powerpc 1
#define __PPC__ 1
#define PPC 1
#define _ARCH_PPC 1
#define __PPC 1
#define __powerpc__ 1
#define __powerpc 1

(gentoo-crossdev-build-) gcc 3.3.2:
.../powerpc-unknown-eabi-cpp -dM ~/foo.h |grep -i pc

#define _ARCH_PPC 1
#define __PPC 1
#define PPC 1
#define __PPC__ 1

The kernel relies on __powerpc__ in some places,
in fact, the serial console won't work anymore
since the LCR gets setup incorrectly in
serial_console_setup located in serial.c.

The workaround is easy,
just added -D__powerpc__ to CFLAGS_KERNEL.

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