inflate returned FFFFFFFD - what does this error exactly mean ?

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Fri Dec 31 10:08:34 EST 2004

Hi Alex,

in message <313680C9A886D511A06000204840E1CF0A647439 at> you wrote:
> After few days of wondering through debugging (and with great help) I fixed
> (by inserting watch dog resets into beginning of  while loops in zlib
> functions) my first problem -strange reboot failures during decompression of

You know why I recommended U-Boot :-)

> Now I am getting "controlled" failure (during the same decompression as
> described above):
> return Z_DATA_ERROR
> after zlib_inflate
> inflate returned FFFFFFFD
> exit
> what does this error exactly mean ?

Most probably it means that the areas where the compressed  image  is
stored   and   to  where  you  copy  the  uncompressed  code  to  are
over-lapping. Try storing the compressed image at  a  higher  address
(like 0x400000 or so).

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