inflate returned FFFFFFFD - what does this error exactly mean ?

Nigel Cunningham Nigel.Cunningham at
Fri Dec 31 09:44:56 EST 2004


linuxppc-embedded-bounces at wrote on 31/12/2004 09:27:53:

> Hi,
> After few days of wondering through debugging (and with great help) I
> (by inserting watch dog resets into beginning of  while loops in zlib
> functions) my first problem -strange reboot failures during decompression
> the kernel image by the bootloader.
> However my luck expired beyond this fix so far ... ;-).
> Now I am getting "controlled" failure (during the same decompression as
> described above):
> return Z_DATA_ERROR
> after zlib_inflate
> inflate returned FFFFFFFD
> exit
> what does this error exactly mean ?

Going from include/linux/zlib.h, it is a data error: your compressed stream
has somehow been corrupted?



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