Linux2.6.10-rc3 for 8xx booting "load_kernel(...)" function problem vs configuring and initializing serial console ?

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Mon Dec 27 22:08:32 EST 2004

Dear Raphael,

in message <16008.1104099849 at> you wrote:
> 10th January. Until then can you confirm that the 
> arch/ppc/configs/IVMS8_defconfig
> configuration is compiling fine? Can I also boot this kernel with u-boot?

It will not compile. Nobody ported your custom drivers (status LED's,
I/O switches) to 2.6 yet.

> I'm not sure if I find time to make the tests the first week at work but I
> do my best. The simpliest and time saving solution whould be if you can
> provide me a precompiled u-boot ready kernel image file so I do not loose
> time with the build environment...

It takes 5 Minutes to install the ELDK ...

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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