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In message <41CD1ADB.3010807 at> you wrote:
> We developed a SBC based on MPC8260. We are planing to port Linux on it.
> I downloaded mpc8260 cross compiling tools from
> I started cross-compiling linux-2.4.4.

Why? 2.4.4 ist very, very old. Use a more recent kernel tree. If  you
want   to   stay   in   our   source   tree,   then  please  use  the
linuxppc_2_4_devel module on our CVS server.

> The problem is
> I am not able to compile kernel. 8260 specific files in arch/ppc are not 
> compiling due to not inclusion of

Then your configuration is broken. The kkernel compiles fine for many boards.

> "bd_t" structure. I Included the file "asm-ppc/bseip.h".
> Still encountering many errors.

This is not a big surprise. The "bseip.h" header file is for a MPC8xx
based board - what makes you think that this might work on your  8260
based hardware?

> I even tried with linux-2.4.20 and encountered the same problems.
> Is there any patch required for compiling the kernel cleanly.

No. There is no patch needed. The kernel trees are  clean.  You  just
have  to  select a correct configuration. Ummm... and for your custom
board you will probably have to port Linux first.

> Please provide pointer to the sutiable kernel along with patch.

See for example the linuxppc_2_4_devel module on our CVS server.

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