simple bootloader vs 2.6.10-rc3 for 8xx vs I2C based EEPROM ! !!

Povolotsky, Alexander Alexander.Povolotsky at
Fri Dec 24 13:32:58 EST 2004

Sorry for keeping annoying with questions !

arch\ppc\8xx_io\uart.c - is it suppose to exist in 2.6.10-rc3 ?

I do not have it ...

(I used
- is it correct ?)

If uart.c is functionally not suppose to be in 2.6.10-rc3 (but I do clearly
see it in 2.6.8 ) 
where its code went to ?

Also the question from my previous e-mail, which was not answered - does the
simple bootloader has any debugging print statements ( prior to calling
"load_kernel(...)" function), which I could enable ? (how ?)


PS Happy Holidays !
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On Thu, Dec 23, 2004 at 05:21:46PM -0500, Povolotsky, Alexander wrote:

> Hi,
> Would below (from Dan Malek) explain why on my 8xx board with I2C EEPROM
> (which ptobably does not work on 2.6.10-rc3) the simple bootloader fails
> load the kernel ?

If the board you've selected does not have any meaningful functions in
embed_config.c, yes, it probably would.  If this is a custom board, or
something not otherwise supported by the standard kernel, it sounds like
some other parts of your 2.4 code, under arch/ppc/boot/ have not been
ported over yet.

Tom Rini

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