Jerry Van Baren gerald.vanbaren at
Wed Dec 15 08:07:19 EST 2004

ppclinux at wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a Freescale-PPC8270 ( Former Motorola ) based board with 256Megs of
> RAM.
> I am using the Montavista Vista Kernel 2.4.20.
> When the system is handling larger files ~100M when NFS mounted and ~20M
> when RAMDISKed the kernel crashes since things are being overwritten in
> memory.
> The crash happens when handling/creating large files by measn of e.g.
> * dd
> * gunzip
> * sftp download
> etc. it seems to be a general memory handling problem.
> When looking at the memory though there are plenty of free space, or there
> should be plenty of free space but for some reason things are
> overwritten...
> The Kernel reports actually 256M of memory. Top also shows that there is o
> r should be more than enough free memory for the operations I am trying to
> pull :-))
> Can you give me suggestions where to start digging into this problem?
> Best Regards // Matias

Your SDRAM initialization is suspect


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