System hanged, which one is the killer? [was Re: What's the problem could be?]

Sam Song samlinuxppc at
Tue Dec 14 12:51:24 EST 2004

Sam Song <samlinuxppc at> wrote:
> Hi, all
> An system application crash running on 2.4.18 was
> happened on my custom 8xx board every now and then,
> especially recently. Yeah, the probelm is becoming
> more and more obvious. Personally, I deem it as an
> default of application software because there are
> some complicated application softwares like GUI and
> browser. But I also suspect that my custom keyboard
> did it because there were about 70-80 PCMCIA
> interrupts created once I hit just one key. I used
> PCMCIA interrupt to accept the rubber keyboard
> input.

Well, after some test on keyboard drivers, I found
that neither USB HOST keyboard nor my PCMCIA keyboard
could lead to system hang. It seems that the killer
isn't the PCMCIA keyboard driver.
> Any other possibility?

Seems have. The interesting thing was that I could
quit from the hanged application with a special key
and restarted the application and continued operate.
I, however, noticed some errors hints printed on the
LCD panel as "No enough video memory" during the

So my attention was drawn to the 823 LCD driver. Two
different 10.4" SHARP TFT LCD panel with 640*480 and
800*600 were tested on the same target. I found that
640*480 system was more robust than 800*600 one. There
were also some hang happened with some disorder input
on 640*480 but the system could recover to normal
after some time like 3-5 mintues. The recoverable
result never appeared on 800*600.

Here I'd like to make sure one thing that whether I
could extend the video memory to meet the application
need. There are a lot of RAM on my target, at least
64MB. Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,


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