(Very) Simple question(s) compared to group topics

Bora Þahin bora.sahin at ttnet.net.tr
Sun Dec 5 01:04:11 EST 2004


  I was subscribed to list a few days ago. I dont know this group is eligible for my very simple or
  basic questions compared to list topics. In one side asm codes is discussed like one jump command
  why not reach to symbol and the other side interrupt handling routines is discussed like whether
  or not critical interrupt handling is used in 405 EP. Subsequently, my simple question is to stay
  very basic. However if i get an answer(s) or redirections to correct places, I can be very

  A bit summary about me...
  So far, let say until the last one week or a bit over, I havent done any work out of x86 including
  any RISC cpu. I know inner workings of x86(asm) like segmentation, paging, booting etc. not to be
  very detailed. Before, I have dealt with mem. mag. especially in the means of mm initialization,
  booting, ...etc on the x86 imp. of the Linux kernel.

  The subject...

  PPC and 4xx series of it is absolutely new to me. We think to decode "mpeg 4/level 5" coded films
  on the 4xx series of ppc if it is possible. I examined a bit these cpus. 4xx series go to 700/800
  MHZ clock freq but most of them dont contain floating point unit.(Only one of them has fpu if my
  memory dont serve me. I cant say it is connected. If i understand the doc correctly, you can
  connect a fpu to the system) This is just a point. I know clock freq is not alone on the cpu
  performance. I would like to hear experianced users testimonals or thought about decoding of mpeg
  performance of these cpus...

Bora Sahin

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