value of XIP? and whether it works with 2.6 kernel?

Mark Chambers markc at
Thu Aug 26 02:10:31 EST 2004

> On Aug 25, 2004, at 7:22 AM, Mark Chambers wrote:
> > The main value, I believe, is as part of a rapid boot setup - you can
> > avoid the decompress and copy phase.

Dan Malek responded:

> The XIP has little effect on this.  Wolfgang hit the important points.
> I originally did XIP on the 8xx many years ago for an embedded
> appliance that was DRAM challenged.  It saved a little memory,
> but along with it came the pinned TLB which helped a little with
> performance.

I guess I wasn't basing my comment exclusively on 8xx, but thinking
more of the general linux quick boot work being done, as in this
paper from the linux 2004 symposium (see section 4):
So, in other words, maybe XIP will come back again?

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