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Ronen Shitrit rshitrit at
Wed Aug 25 22:54:41 EST 2004


I'm using kernel 2.4.23 with U-boot 1.0.0 as the firmware,
I'm trying to use a graphic card as a frame buffer.
I have a PCI graphic card CIRUUS LOGIC 5446 which is working fine
I get the Linux penguin and I can run startx on it with out any problem.
but when I'm I'm trying to use CIRRUS LOGIC 5464 I only get a blank screen??
when I'm trying to use an invidia RIVA TNT2 the kernel get stuck when
trying to
run accel engine??
when I'm trying to use ATI 3D rage II I get a screen full of vertical line??
I have no special initialization in the U-Boot for the graphic card, and
I compile
the above graphic card as part of the kernel.
Does the kernel drivers based on some bios initializations??
Can I remove the graphic card driver from the kernel and still use the
XFree86 to
initialize the graphic card?? (when I try to do it I get an error that
/dev/fb0 doesn't exist??)

any help will be appreciated

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