[RFC] Re: BestComm and fec

Sylvain Munaut tnt at 246tnt.com
Tue Aug 24 18:45:20 EST 2004


>>Apparently, you've both worked out a version of bestcomm for 2.6. But
>>you both based it on old code. (even non GPL).
>Terrible, may be its time to create special project for MPC5200 (if it
>doesn't exist in somewhere in I-net)? First intention - sourceforge.
>Sylvain, Wolfgang I know you already have projects. But in case of
>Sylvain, as I understand, his project on his homepage.
>In case of Wolfgang, I'm not sure that DENX will happy to share their
>internal CVS with all I-net for write access. Am I right?
I personnaly use BitKeeper to maintain my trees. I can't provide write
access to them because I don't administrate the server they are on,
To write, you would need a ssh account and I juste have one for me and
can't create others.

I try to publish what I'm doing in www.246tNt.com/mpc52xx/state.txt

>>I've just tried just taking the newer one and stick it in 2.6 with the
>>fec Gabor sent, but it just crashes so it need more work ;) Dale
>>Farnsworth just said it'll look into it and porting new bestcomm as well.
>My fec port work ok.
Based on old bestcomm or new ?

>And CAN, RTC, and possible CRC32/16 (if it will fast enough) :).
CAN is not on my personnal project list since I have nothing that uses
so I couldn't test it anyway.

RTC ? The MPC5200 can't save time AFAIK. And Linux should already
'count' time correctly I think.

By CRC32/16 I guess you mean to use the BestComm DMA engine to implement
the kernel CRC Library ? I'm not sure

I've pushed PCI on my tree ( bk://bkbits.246tNt.com/linux-2.5-mpc52xx )
yesterday night. So if you're in position to test it please report ;)


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