How to port ppc-linux to new custom boards? (virtexII)

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Tue Aug 24 18:01:01 EST 2004


From:           	"Patrick Huesmann" <tricknology at>

> Unfortunately, neither of these docs talks about tailoring the kernel to
> custom hardware. They only state that "some changes" have to be applied to
> the startup code. I need some more specific information, because I'm not a
> expert PPC guru.
I had to get up the kernel on two boards (MPC857T and MPC8280)
recently. I use the ELDK3.0 with the kernel 2.4.24 shipped with it.

I had to modify the following files:
	machine type (my board) added
	there is a function emebd_config() for every board selected by
	#ifdefs; so I added one for my board
	there are header files for every board; so I added one for my board
	#include <platforms/myboard.h> added; selected by #ifdef

This was enough to get the kernel up with a serial i/f.
It may be necessary to modify the ethernet driver a little bit to
adapt it to your pin configuration.

Flash support was no problem for the CFI chips on the boards.

I'm just a newbie too, so don't kill me if there is something missed
or wrong.


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