how to choose cpu with pci and fec function ??

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Mon Aug 16 17:35:29 EST 2004

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> Perhaps we will develop an embeded system with pci function and plan to use
> mpc,Can you give me some good suggestions?

Use "mpc"? Which sort of? MPC8xx  family?  MPC8240  family?  MPC8260?
MPC85xx? MPC52xx? Maybe MPC5xx?

Sorry, but you need to dig a bit deeper...

> how about mpc860?  during the transplanting bootloader ,which is the most

There is no PCI interface on MPC860 processors.

> refering board in Bootloader ,TQM860L?

THe TQM860 is definitely a bad choice if you're looking for PCI as  it has none.

> by the way ,how about mpc8250 and mpc8241??

Yeah, how about irt? An how about MPC5200 and all the other  zillions
of options you have?

We don't know your requirements.

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