Linux 2.4.27-pre6-bk hangs on MPC8540 board

Swarthout Edward L-SWARTHOU SWARTHOU at
Fri Aug 13 08:14:47 EST 2004

> We are bringing up an 8540-based board, and are getting hangs at
> random spots when booting Linux.  Sometimes the hangs occur while the

Indeed, classic memory corruption symptoms.

> Is there a way in Linux or the 8540 to prevent burst accesses,
> in order to test whether they are the problem?

Instead of trying to mask the problem by using crawl modes, I would suggest
proving that it is a DDR interface problem by enabling ECC (of course you
need to be able to plug in an ECC memory).  Most interface corruptions will
be detected by the ECC logic.

It is much easier to resolve board or DDR configuration issues when hardware clearly reports an ECC error instead of causing code to go wild.

u-boot supports enabling ECC, but it does not report its occurrence.

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