Linux 2.4.27-pre6-bk hangs on MPC8540 board

Cordes, Aaron M aaron.m.cordes at
Fri Aug 13 08:07:30 EST 2004

I completely disabled L1 and L2 cache in the processor and I am not
seeing the memory corruption anymore.  So, good news is board is now
booting, bad news is it's dog slow and we have a memory design to debug.
Thanks to everyone for your prompt and helpful advice.


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On 8xx and 82xx and, I presume, 85xx processors, disabling cache
inhibits burst mode.  It is the cache line filling  and flushing that
causes burst accesses.  Note that DMA also causes bursts, but that
becomes a problem much later.


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> Is there a way in Linux or the 8540 to prevent burst accesses, in
> order to test whether they are the problem?  I scanned the processor's
> reference manual, but I didn't see anything that would let me do this.
> Thanks
> Aaron
> Aaron Cordes
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> >
> > We are bringing up an 8540-based board, and are getting hangs at
> > random spots when booting Linux.  Sometimes the hangs occur
> while the
> > kernel is initializing, sometimes the boot gets far enough
> where I can
> > log in and run a couple of programs.  Eventually the board locks up
> > with no oopses or panics.  If I connect to the board with a
> debugger,
> > the processor is usually stopped in the Data miss exception handler,

> > and there is usually memory corruption in the kernel code.
> That's it: memory problems.
> > I ran memory tests using both Edink and U-boot and they all
> passed, so
> > I'm reluctant to blame hardware for the memory corruption.
> Has anyone
> > seen similar behavior, or have any suggestions of things I
> might try?
> All those memory tests only can test simple read and write  accesses;
> they  all  fail to access burst mode accesses, which will happen when
> Linux starts runing, and which are failing.
> Your SDRAM initialization is bad, and  the  system  crashes  when  it
> tries to fetch instructions from RAM. Note that simple read and write
> accesses may still work, it's the burst mode that is failing.
> It is NOT sufficient to program the memory controller  of  your  CPU;
> each  SDRAM  chip  also  requires  a specific initialization sequence
> which you must adhere  to  to  the  letter  -  check  with  the  chip
> manufacturer's manual.
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