an error about "relocation truncated"

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> I'm porting the PPCboot2.0 to my ppc850 board.I just modified the Makefile,

PPCBoot is a dead project. Porting it to new boards  is  a  waste  of
time. Please use the successor project U-Boot instead.

Also, please  post  U-Boot  related  questions  to  the  u-boot-users
mailing list. They are off topic here.

> config file,and the flash's code and head file with the template of board
> c2mon. But after I compile the code, there are some "relocation truncated"
> errors.

No. The primary error is here:

> lib_ppc/libppc.a(board.o): In function `board_init_r':
> /root/project/ppcboot-2.0.0/lib_ppc/board.c:896: undefined reference to
> `ide_init'

You understand what "undefined reference" means?

> At first, I think it may be caused by a low version number ompiler. Then I

Undefined references have little to do with the compiler version.

> changed the compiler to the last ELDK. But there are some new errors.
> {standard input}:4998: Error: Relocation cannot be done when using
> -mrelocatable
> I doubt that there maybe are some ploblems in the "". I am not
> sure of it, and I have no idea how to change it. It will be very
> appreciated if anyone give me some ideas.

Instead of spreading wild speculations you should start  reading  the
documentation, especially this section in the FAQ:

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