DENX kernel support for MPC885

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Fri Apr 16 08:22:03 EST 2004

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> I was just planning to use MPC885 for my embedded sytem that will be running Linux as the platform Operating System.
> Can somebody help me know if Linux for PowerPC supports the MPC885 Processor.

The  standard  source  trees  like  linuxppc-2.4  etc.  contain  only
partioal support, i. e. as far as the MPC8xx support fits.

> I specifically checked out the hardware supported by the DENX kernel, in which I could not see MPC885.

This is correct. Our code base is 2.4.25, which does not yet  include
specific MPC885 support.

> Though the Core os MPC885 is 8xx, MPC8xx has got _two ethernet_ and a USB which can act as master and slave.
> Does the DENX linux support these drivers.

Not yet. Sames as in "official" linuxppc-2.4.

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