memory mapped serial driver for 16554

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Mon Apr 12 02:57:33 EST 2004

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> I have a board with mpc8xx, running linux 2.4.18. It has 16554, quad uart.

In our linux-2.4 kernel tree we support the Exar ST16C554 quad UART
for a board; see "drivers/char/serial.c" and look for

> I am using serial driver from denx, and I used it successfully for other
> board which had 16550 uart, and had interrupts hooked to IRQ4 and IRQ5.
> The new board has 4 interrupts hooked on PC8,PC9,PC10 and PC11. My
> question-
> How do I hook the these to the serial driver? I followed the same model as
> DAB4K board to run earlier driver.

Basicly you can  just  do  the  same  like  we  did  for  the  TTTECH
configuration;  the  only  significant  difference  is that we used a
shared interrupt; therefore  you  should  NOT  #define  the  variable

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