MPC8xx and wireless HERMES-II () ???

Steven Scholz steven.scholz at
Fri Apr 9 22:54:44 EST 2004

Hi there,

I am trying to get a "proxim ORiNOCO PC Card" to work on my MPC8xx board

Since it has a HERMES-II chipset I can't use the orinoco driver. So I went
for Agere's wl_lkm_718_release.tar.gz.

After inserting the card I get

	Wireless, HCF failure: "Command buffer size insufficient"


But funny enough I found the lines

/************************  Motorola Power PC 800 family  ***********/
/* known users: LH at I  */
#if defined I_MPC8XX

/************************  MPC860  *********************************/
/* known users: RR */

#if defined CPU
#if CPU == PPC860

in the include/hcf/hcfcfg.h. So of course now I wonder who might "LH at I" and
"RR" be and if they realy use this driver in an MPC8xx environment.

Any hints are mostly welcome !!!

Thansk a million!

Steven Scholz

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