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Wed Apr 7 09:03:37 EST 2004

>> Do you happen know what it would take to use the DS1307 driver from LM
>> Sensors package? Has anyone used LMSensors with PPC Linux?
> LM Sensors implies i2c, which means you'd have to use that, or add a few
> more hooks to genrtc (a probe is required for i2c, but not others, maybe
> others) to get it working w/ that driver.  But you'd still be using the
> main i2c subsystem, which I think you've said is too heavy.

No, I already use i2c on this board so i2c driver is included in kernel
configuration. We bring the i2c bus to a header for communication with
some external devices already.

My concern about bloat from rest of LM Sensors. I am not sure if I can
take ds1307 driver from sensors package and include in my build and if so
how/how much additional code to provide /dev/rtc support working.

I can also drop /dev/rtc completely and write a userland application
similar to hwclock and use it to do /dev/i2c I/O to RTC but would like to
standard scheme as much as possible.

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