Need help booting linux on IBM 405EP eval board

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Sat Apr 3 08:09:55 EST 2004

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> And you have received replies thaty pointed to the problem.

Indeed, as my later email indicated, I found that the Linux build is using
the file arch/ppc/platforms/evb405ep.[c/h] and that file has a board_info
struct, separate and different from the ppcboot.h file which is in a
totally different directory. I've made evb405ep.h match U-Boot's u-boot.h,
but that hasn't helped my problem.

I guess I have two questions then:
- Does the build environment (from ELDK 3.0) for the 405EP evaluation board
use the file mentioned above? Is that the place where I have to make the
board_info struct match the struct in U-Boot

- Has the Linux/build environment already been ported for this particular
board? It's in the Makefile and there are certainly board-specific files
available in the above directory. So, I figured that I wouldn't have to go
through a porting process to boot Linux. And, again, the IBM bootloader
loads and boots kernels just fine.

Does anyone out there use this evaluation board, Linux 2.4 and U-Boot or am
I really the first?


Jeff Tucker
jeff at

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