Need help booting linux on IBM 405EP eval board

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Sat Apr 3 04:51:02 EST 2004

In message <1866383.1080909296@[]> you wrote:
> I sent a message like this to the U-Boot mailing list last night. I've been

And you have received replies thaty pointed to the problem.

> I'm aware that the site has a FAQ which appears to address this issue:
> <>
> However, the structure mentioned there (bd_info) doesn't even seem to apply
> for a 405EP-based board. The ppcboot.h file isn't included by the files
> used when building a 405EP kernel for the 405EP evaluation board.

OK. You found the problem: The ppcboot.h file isn't  included.  Seems
you  must  adapt  your  board for use with U-Boot. See the FAQ quoted

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