gt-64260 Question

Benjamin Davis bmdavis at
Wed Nov 26 05:27:34 EST 2003

Errata 9 of
talks about some issues with QACK, I further noticed how in
arch/ppc/platform/pmac_feature.c, in probe_uninorth:
	if (uninorth_rev < 0x11) {
		actrl |= ((uninorth_rev < 3) ? UNI_N_ARB_CTRL_QACK_DELAY105 :
		UN_OUT(UNI_N_ARB_CTRL, actrl);

It would appear to me that a QACK delay is being set by communication
with the uninorth.  I will say now though this is my first experiance
with the kernel.
I was kinda thinking they might have gotten around the errata by
extending the delay of the QACK.  This QACK is the system saying it is
time to get out of nap, and snoop.

Benjamin Davis

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