File system boot strategy

Gérard Guével gguevel at
Fri Nov 14 23:57:40 EST 2003


I have a custom 8260 board with a 2.4.18 Kernel.

I want to mount multiple file systems from a CFI compliant flash.
The directories are distributed  like this :

	/   /bin /home /lib /root /sbin /usr		-> cramfs  to have a protected Linux
	/etc /tftpboot				-> jffs2      to allow modifying services and files to
	/dev /proc /tmp /var			-> ramfs    to store data which can be lost.

I want to boot with the cramfs as root file system but the UNTAR wants all
the directories /dev /proc /tmp in the cramfs.

Can I use multiple file systems like this ?
Must I start with a ramfs and then mount cramfs ?

I find many docs to mount each file system individually and to add others
file systems mounted on /mnt
but no example to break a standard filesystem into multiple sub file

Any help would be welcome.

Gérard Guével

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