ELDK based on YDL 3.0?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Nov 14 03:46:33 EST 2003

In message <D13FBFDEA70AD111A44900A0C92316930350B757 at postoffice.systran.com> you wrote:
> 	I am currentlly using ELDK v2.1.0 and am wanting to update to kernel
> 2.4.22.  I need to update to 2.4.22 for an openIPMI patch that I have.  I

That should be no problem. Except  for  a  few  rare  situations  the
kernel  is  completely  independend  of  the  tool chain and userland

> tried compiling the PPC 2.4.22 kernel, but it complains about the libarg.h
> file missing.  I think this is becuase the version of ppc_8xx-gcc in ELDK
> v2.1.0 is too old for the kernel rev 2.4.22.  Is that correct?  I'd rather

No, this is not  correct.  We're  using  the  "old"  (2.1)  ELDK  for
production all the time, including latest kernel versions.

> just wait, if you are close to releasing a new version of ELDK.

Don't wait. The problem might not be in the ELDK but somwhere else.

libarg.h? Never heard of that. Which file attempts to include this?

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