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I would have replied to this message, too, but it did not arrive here

But thanks for the nice summary.

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> Subject: EST sbc8260 boot debug

> > I have an EST sbc8260 board to boot. After connecting the BDI2000
> > with the board, and power on, everything seems ok. In the config file
> > for sbc8260, BR0 is set to 0xFE000801. Then, i modified ppcboot-1.1.6
> > for mpc8260, change the textbase from 0x40000000(flash address) to
> > 0x200000(sdram address) and also the FLASH base addr is set
> > to 0x200000.

I have just one question: why did you  not  simply  use  the  PPCboot
configuration  as  is?  It has been tested and is running fine on the
sbc8260 board _without_ modifications.

> > Is there any problem with my procdure?

Yes. You are meddeling with code which you'd better not touch.

> > PS: there is much switchs and JPs on the board, can anyone give an
> > proper setting for them under ppcboot environment?

Use the default settings.

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