linuxppc_2_4_mpc5200 / 5200lite zImage now working

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Fri Nov 7 22:57:22 EST 2003

In message <3FAB51D2.104 at> you wrote:
> >Thanks for sharing your experiences with the MPC5200Lite card.
> >Would it be possible for you to explain the steps you took to replace
> >dbug with u-boot. Did you use dbug or a bdm?
> >I am about to do the same thing, and fear that I might end up with a
> >"dead" card if
> >things go wrong : )
> >
> I actually did not eplace it all. I just compiled and programmed u-boot
> to flash in diferent
> address than 0xfff00000 I used 0xff800000 but it is not a good choice

This is not an optimal way to solve this.

I just checked in patches  for  U-Boot  to  allow  for  a  "low-boot"
configuration,  i.  e.  you  can configure and built U-Boot using the
commands "make MPC5200LITE_LOWBOOT_config;make all" and then  program
it at the low end of the flash (0xFF000000). After switching the boot
high/low  jumper  ("B  H/L") the board will boot directly into U-Boot
and all you need to switch back to dBUG is to switch the jumper back.

It may take a while until the new version of U-Boot shows up  on  the
CVS  server; the patch against U-Boot version 1.0.0 is also available

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