linuxppc_2_4_mpc5200 / 5200lite zImage now working

Kate Alhola kate at
Fri Nov 7 19:03:30 EST 2003

Tord Andersson wrote:

>Thanks for sharing your experiences with the MPC5200Lite card.
>Would it be possible for you to explain the steps you took to replace
>dbug with u-boot. Did you use dbug or a bdm?
>I am about to do the same thing, and fear that I might end up with a
>"dead" card if
>things go wrong : )
I actually did not eplace it all. I just compiled and programmed u-boot
to flash in diferent
address than 0xfff00000 I used 0xff800000 but it is not a good choice
because it
leaved big hole between dbug and uboot.May be the 0xfff40000 will be
more sensible choice.

Then i just loaded s-record image to RAM and copied it to flash in right
To load it in diferent address that it is intended you should use -o option
because dbug can't load directly to flash.

Now, when i am more familiar  with u-boot and if i wish replace dbug
i recommend to first compile u-boot to ram address and then use ram-running
u-boot to erase dbug and program u-boot on the place. Of cource this kind of
procedures allways have risk to make dead board and then you will need
a WERY EXPENSIVE bdm tools reprogram it. So, loading u-boot
to alternate address is safest way.
Only inconvicienc of ths is that u-buut must be started grom dbug and so
extra step is needed.


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