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Ronen Shitrit rshitrit at
Wed Nov 5 18:10:09 EST 2003


I have a U-Boot which is working just fine,
and I'm trying to boot a kernel(ver 2.4) image with it ,
after I load the uImage to the DRAM by using the tftp as it is described
in the README file, I'm doing bootm to the uImage location,
I see that the code is getting to the kernel code , but there it get lost
after we disable the MMU in head.S.

(I know that the kernel version I have should be stable on my board
cause with the DINK monitor
I can load it just fine.)

Are there any special changes I should make to the Kernel in order for
it to be able to boot from the U-Boot??
If so, where can I find a good reference for it??

Thanks a lot

Ronen Shitrit

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