linuxppc_2_4_mpc5200 / 5200lite zImage

Kate Alhola kate at
Sun Nov 2 23:08:18 EST 2003

I just got Motorola5200 lite board and tried complie
linuxppc_2_4_mpc5200 from
denx to it.  When i say make bzImage it complains that __res is undefined

ppc_82xx-ld -T ../ld.script -Ttext 0x00800000 -Bstatic -o zvmlinux head.o
../common/relocate.o  ../common/misc-simple.o ../common/bootinfo.o
../common/misc-common.o ../common/string.o ../common/util.o
../common/serial_stub.o mgt5100_tty.o  image.o ../lib/zlib.a
mgt5100_tty.o: In function `serial_init':
mgt5100_tty.o(.text+0x2): undefined reference to `__res'
mgt5100_tty.o(.text+0xa): undefined reference to `__res'

__res is pointer to external scc buffer descriptors . Least it looks a
like that it is
defined in arch/ppc/platforms/icecube.c but this code looks a like complete
board initialization code so i am not sure is it right module to add
defining __res

In this setup board is running original motorola debugger, no u-boot and
reason i try make zimage where is uncompressinng headers included.

So, any suggestions or experiencies with 5200lite ?

Also i got Macraigor wiggler but  saddly noticed that ocd-cmdr does not
yet work with mpc5200. Any expreincies/suggestions with LOW COST
OCD debugger for 5200 that can be used loading initial code to empty
flash on my own board.


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