ppcboot 8260 LXT971A

greggiraud at netcourrier.com greggiraud at netcourrier.com
Mon Jun 30 10:12:10 EST 2003

I installed a ppcboot and a linux 2.4 on a MPC8260ADS card.

Now, I am working on a custom card such as an MPC8260ADS card. The difference between those two cards is the ethernet: my custom card has two ethernet port, and uses two LXT971A.

So, I compile a ppcboot for 8260ads. PPCBOOT can't download a kernel with tftp. Is someone has a source code to support the LXT971?

I compile a new kernel, which support LXT971A. PPCBOOT can run it from memory. But the kernel doesn't have network.

please can someone help me?

greggiraud at netcourrier.com

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