Steven Scholz steven.scholz at
Mon Jun 30 17:23:05 EST 2003

Zhu jiangbo schrieb:
>  I have read the mail listed below on the ""
> website. It looks like you are the right expert who can help me
> solving my problem. The embedded linux can't detect my SANDISK CF
> card. I choosed the EXT_DIRECT mode (CF's TRUE IDE mode), but now
> I am not sure if my design is right. Would you please send me the
> schematics and documents about MPC8xx IDE?

If you don't need a real PCMCIA slot on your board it would be much
easier to use 8xx_DIRECT instead of EXT_DIRECT!!!
I had to go for EXT_DIRECT since I do need both - PCMCIA slot for
let's say WLAN Cards and IDE for a 2.5" HDD.

So what do you think?


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