Cheap FBDev for LinuxPPC

Laurent Mohin laurent.mohin at
Mon Jun 30 16:28:22 EST 2003

>>I am working on a project with MPC8245 and have the need for a VGA
>>device which I can use to map the frame-buffer ram directly.
>>A colleague of mine is recommending the SiliconMotion chipset.. could
>>anyone comment on this?

Excellent choice. I'm currently designing a board with a 405GPr and a
Silicon Motion SMI712 (also called LynxEM+).

>>If so, what cards could I purchase at Frye's or some store..

I don't know. I directly designed my board without buying an evaluation
board. I think that Eltec has a board with a Silicon Motion chip.

>>Finally, does anyone have any code for this baby?

Current version of U-Boot includes support for this chip.
I've found a framebuffer driver for Linux in the devel tree of Penguin

At the time beeing, I have a problem with this chip which works in little
endian format and I have been unable to put it in big endian. So in 16bpp,
colors aren't displayed correcly.

>>Many thanks in advance.

You welcome


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