jumbled characters on serial port

Jean-Denis Boyer jdboyer at m5t.com
Sat Jun 28 01:47:55 EST 2003

I would suggest you write yourself a kind of "safe_printk" (over printk) that filters characters that can not be displayed, and then use that function in your code. It is, IMHO, easier to fix the problem there than losing the tty and/or the terminal emulator. You can even hack directly the printk function (kernel/printk.c:412) and add a filter just after the call to vsnprintf.

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> Hi,
> We have developed MCC drivers for mpc8260. For debugging the driver we
> have put several printk in the code. Since the data is not
> ascii all the
> time, sometimes the screen gets fully jumbled characters. I understand
> that printing some binary data causes this.
> We are using minicom and busybox .60.5. If anybody knows how
> to get the
> characters back, please advise.
> We tried closing down the minicom window and restarting minicom. This
> does not help. More over we are getting jumbled chars, not secondary
> font. (if I were running bash, i would have run `reset`. But I never
> faced this in i386)

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