Support for MPC852T, any experience ?

Frank Robbins Frank.Robbins at
Wed Jun 18 22:14:46 EST 2003

Yes we have designed a board  Adder II  + the ppc-linux-kernel-2.4.21p7-1
kernel is in the development tree

What help do you need ?

You could just by the board it has every thing and is priced fairly


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Subject: Support for MPC852T, any experience ?

> Hi there,
> We are developing a board based on the MPC852T (fairly new model,
> stripped-down MPC866).
> Is there anybody who has sucessfully run linux-ppc on this processor yet
> it's more advanced MPC866 cousin) ?
> Any experience ?
> I am specifically interested in using the SPI mode for SCC3 or 4, plus FEC
> with an LXT971A phy.
> I am new to this mailing list, but I have searched through its archive and
> came up with a (simple ?) SPI driver from Navin Bopurri.
> Also on the DENX website I found their drivers for 8xx in the 2.4.4 kernel
> sources. Has anybody ported those drivers to a more recent version ?
> I have now managed to set up a cross-development system comiling the
> binutils, gcc-3.2.3 (--with-newlib) and the latest linuxppc_2_4_devel
> from montavista. I have not been able to find an up to date guide for
> up such a system (I had to sweat my own way through it). If there is such
> guide (the Howto's I could find seem hopelessly outdated), could someone
> please provide a pointer ? Otherwise, I would be glad to offer my
> from this point on for a FAQ or (somwhat more up-to-date) mini-howto. Any
> ideas ?
> Greetings,
> --
> David Jander
> Protonic Holland.

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