Unable to mount jffs2 file system

Rakesh jagota j.rakesh at gdatech.co.in
Mon Jun 16 23:45:34 EST 2003

Hi all,

I am working on custom design board based on IBM405 PPC. I am using OpenBios
code and Linux -2.4.17 version from montavista. I have compiled the kernel
with JFFS2 support.

In linux/drivers/mtd/maps/redwood.c files, we have modified the partitions as
per our board

Our board is having 4MB flash and 32MB sdram.

#define WINDOW_ADDR      0xFFC00000
#define WINDOW_SIZE 	     0x00400000

we filled the  redwood_flash_partitions structure as below

		name: "Redwood kernel",					//"/dev/mtd0"
		offset: 0x00010000,
		size: 	0x00110000

		name: "Redwood OpenBIOS Vital Product Data",		//"/dev/mtd1"

		offset: 0x00000000,
		size: 0x00010000,
		mask_flags: MTD_WRITEABLE

		name: "Redwood filesystem",				//"/dev/mtd2"
		offset: 0x00110000,
		size: 0x002D0000

		name: "Redwood OpenBIOS",				//"/dev/mtd3"
		offset: 0x003E0000,
		size: 0x00020000,
		mask_flags: MTD_WRITEABLE	/* force read-only */

i have created a jff2 image and flashed in the mtd2 block. But while booting
i am  getting kernel panic

kernel panic: I have no root and I want to scream


how to tell the kernel that the root filesystems is in mtdblock2

Thanks & Regards,


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