how to do:root filesystem on flash?

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> I,
> 1 : Create a cramfs filesystem with the right endianess from your nfs
> filesystem using mkcramfs.
> Burn it into the flash( at the start of the flash).
Is it must be burned from the start of the flash?  My u-boot bin code is
burned at the start of the flash.

> 2 : In your kernel config set the "root=" option to : "/dev/mtdblock0"
In my system, the flash is registered as /dev/flasha, should i pass the
parameter "root=/dev/flasha" to kernel?

> Enable Flash MTDBlock support and the right options like CFI,...
> Set up the start of the flash and its length
> Enable Cramfs in filesystem
> Disable NFS as root filesystem.
> Rebuild your kernel and flash it.
> Reboot the board en enjoy.
> PS : This question was already a 100 times answered. Search in the mailing
> list before asking such a question.
> Or maybe a better idea : One may build a FAQ or a list of Howtos on such
> common questions.
> Benoit Callebaut

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