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Dear Mark,

in message <00d601c330f2$489159d0$0320a8c0 at onstardevserv> you wrote:
>     I can't find any chip that looks like it drives the USB interface.
> There are a few buffers, I believe.  I know the USB wasn't used for the
> pilot.  Only the two RS232's (one console), RS485 and ethernet were used.
> It was in a plastic box that hid the JTAG port and LED's.  I'm not really
> concerned about getting the USB working right now.

Then it either is no MPC860 CPU, or there is no USB support. Only the
MPC823 and MPC850 CPUs have a USB controller on-chip.

>     Thanks for the BDM4GDB link.  It looks like that's my best option.  I


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