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Erik Christiansen erik at dd.nec.com.au
Mon Jun 2 16:26:56 EST 2003

in message <3ED6298C.3070901 at adtran.com> Ron Flory wrote:

> 4.  I know the question of embedded libc comes up often.  For
>     the most part, we basically need the 'strxxx' and 'memxxx'
>     functions, but 'sprintf' is quite a different critter.  Since
>     we are running an 860, we won't have FP support (and we don't
>     want to deal with emulation).  Do most folks use a hand-patched
>     'sprintf' source file, manually removing the floating-point ops?
>     I've looked into this a few years ago (the gcc sprintf source
>     file is a horror).  Has the 'ulibc' that i've heard about been
>     used with success by anybody on this list for embedded non-linux
>     projects?


   We're happily using newlib's sprintf on the mpc850, in a piece of
   seriously embedded non-linux equipment.

   According to my rough notes, µClibc is LGPL, so static linking may not
   be a good idea. Newlib's BSD-like terms seemed more appealing to me.


   Bill Gatliff wrote an article on it, in the December 2001 issue of
   Embedded Systems Programming.

   There's apparently also dietlibc and sglibc, but I haven't
   investigated either.


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