MBX860 loading denx kernel image with EPPC-Bug

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sat Dec 27 04:37:51 EST 2003

Dear Amit,

in message <AD2F581BD7340A4C908AF1AFB066EA3B0E4977 at ntah901e.savan.com> you wrote:
> I try to load linux kernel 2.4.20 from denx (vmlinux) to MBX860 board
> with the on board boot loader (EPPC-Bug) without success and get
> the following:
> Any idea what am I doing wrong?

You are using the wrong boot loader and/or the wrong image.

vmlinux is just the Linux kernel -  it  expects  to  receive  certain
parameters  in  registers,  and boot arameters in a command line. The
EPPCBug boot loader does not know anything about Linux, so the kernel
crashes because of missing / bad parameters.

Either you will have to use a boot loader that knows about Linux  and
the  parameters  needed  to boot it (like U-Boot), or you could use a
wrapper (bootstrap loader) around the Linux kernel like what you  get
when you use the arch/ppc/boot/images/zImage file.

Best regards, and Happy Hollidays,

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