Intial ramdisk and kernel

Ashwin Bihari raz0redge at
Wed Dec 24 10:58:01 EST 2003

>With the stock firmware on a PrPMC800, yes, you have to attach the
>ramdisk to the kernel.  You do this by copying the compressed ramdisk
>image to arch/ppc/boot/images/ramdisk.image.gz.  Then do a
>'make zImage.initrd'.  That will deposit a zImage+initrd image into


Ahh OK. Thank you for the details.

>If you have a U-boot port to your board then you can be a lot more
>flexible since it can load a kernel image and ramdisk separately.

We are using PPCBug actually. Not sure if you're familiar with it's
capabilities in comparison to U-boot in ramdisk booting ability.

~ Ashwin

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